Frequently Asked Questions

Is your office a private or government organization? Top
Our organization Research Information Unit, Faisalabad is a sub office of Directorate of Agricultural Information Punjab, Lahore which is an attached Department of Agriculture Department, Government of the Punjab.  
What is the printing fee for research papers? Top
There is no paper publication fee. However, all authors of a paper are required to be JAR subscribers for one year. The subscription fee for JAR is Rs. 600 per annum.  
How to submit subscription fee? Top
As per our policy, all authors (major as well as co-authors) are required to deposit Rs.600 (each) in Utilization Branch of this office as subscription fee in cash or through bank draft or money order in favour of the Deputy Director, Research Information, Faisalabad. The fee can also be submitted online to our Account No.PLS-3075-1, National Bank of Pakistan, AARI Branch, Faisalabad. Cheque and postal order will not be accepted.
Does JAR entertain papers on all disciplines? Top

JAR entertains papers on following disciplines:

  • Agriculture (Agronomy, Crop Physiology, Plant Breeding & Genetics, Plant Pathology, Entomology, Horticulture, Soil and Environmental Sciences, Food Technology, Forestry & Range Management, Agricultural Biotechnology and Agricultural Engineering)
  • Social Sciences (Agri. Economics, Agricultural Extension & Rural Sociology)
  • Animal Sciences ( Livestock Production/ protection Poultry Sciences and Fisheries)
Does JAR publish paper on Botany and Zoology? Top
Research papers from basic sciences like Botany and Zoology are not acceptable for publication in JAR.  
What is the method of research paper submission? Top
Research papers are required to be submitted online through our website.  
Can I submit paper through email or by post? Top
No, paper submitted via email/post are not entertained.  
How can I know the status of my research paper? Top
You may visit our website and track your paper for status or call us at 041-9201653-54 during our office hours (8 am to 3 pm) .  
Is it necessary to send printed copy of research paper? Top
Printed copy of research papers is not required.  
Can I know the name of referee who is reviewing my paper? Top
No. As per JAR policy the reviewers identity is confidential.  
How much time it will take to process my research paper? Top
Normally, it takes 2-3 months for the processing of research paper, after that the acceptance letter will be issued to author intimating the tentative publishing date.